A totally new approach to finding True Love, Companionship, and Happiness!

Star Mate Astrology combines the most important aspects of astrology, and years of testing and talking to real people, so finding out how compatible you are with your friends, your lover and people you work with has never been easier, or more fun!

Star Mate was designed for all those of us seeking a personal connection, through friendship, love, relationships – all based on thousands of years of studying the science of the stars, and decades of testing, correlating and adjusting what traditional approaches to astrology say about who we are. Star Mate combines Western and Eastern Astrology, and field research, to establish how you and your potential mate connect emotionally, physically and intellectually. Curious to know whether you and your best friend would make a great love match? How about your best friend’s sister, or brother?! Star Mate can tell you!


Compatibility AnalysisFind out how compatible you are with someone, in terms of Love, Friendship and Comunication. Compare your friends, and have fun!


Daily ForecastWant to know what a particular day has in store for you? Check the dashboard for a quick overview!


View ProfileAdd someone you know and their date of birth, and get a customized report on their personality.


Find Best MatchLet Star Mate identify people who are most compatible by month and year – then connect with them through our custom interface!

When you’re trying to find that perfect match, Star Mate matches your Astrology to every day in every year within the age range you select, to determine the best matches, and then creates search links for a popular dating website based on that information, so you can connect with real people and see where that connection takes you.Take control of your love life, your future and your fun, today – with Star Mate!

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