How to run a Full Compatibility, and why

Star Mate is not just about learning exciting and useful things about you. It can also be used to learn about other people, but setting up a new profile for them, and then running a compatibility analysis to see how well you get on together.

When would I do this?

  • At a bar or party with friends, to see how compatible you are and to giggle at some of the comparisons.
  • As an ice breaker when you meet someone new.
  • When you are thinking of getting a new roommate that you don’t know very well.
  • When you are thinking of getting a new pet to add to your home.
  • To see whether a couple of celebrities are compatible.
  • Just for grins.
Buckee & Delilah. Overall compatibility 74%. Anything above 60% has a good foundation.

Buckee & Delilah. Overall compatibility 74%. Anything above 60% has a good foundation.

Okay, so how do I run a Full Compatibility?

Excellent, question, glad you asked! Start by creating a new profile, just as you did for yourself when you first signed in.

New profiles are where you add people to compare against in the Compatibility Analysis.

New profiles are where you add people to compare against in the Compatibility Analysis.

When you click there, you will presented with a screen to enter a name, date of birth, and gender. When you press submit, you will be shown a profile for that person.

Here is the New Profile Screen and the output from that screen. There is a lot more info, so keep scrolling!

Here is the New Profile Screen and the output from that screen. There is a lot more info, so keep scrolling!

Now, back out to the main menu again, and select Compatibility Analysis. Then select the two people you want to compare, then hit submit.

Select two people and hit Submit, and their Full Compatibility will be shown.

Select two people and hit Submit, and their Full Compatibility will be shown.

It is best to read the whole thing to get a full picture, but as a rule of thumb, anything over 60% is good, whether you are deciding to let a new puppy, a new potential love, or a long lost aunt into your home!

Buckee and Star Master. Best Friends, and High Compatibility!

Buckee and Star Master. Best Friends, and High Compatibility!

Happy Comparing!

Star Master


OK Star Mate, how DO I find my best match?

Here is the New Profile Screen and the output from that screen. There is a lot more info, so keep scrolling!

Here is the New Profile Screen and the output from that screen. There is a lot more info, so keep scrolling!

Excellent Question!

So this is, I think, one of the coolest features of Star Mate.

For the purposes of this, we’re going to pretend your name is Jane, you are a 28 year old Female looking for Males, in the age range 25 – 40.

Step 1. Set up Your Profile

You probably did this when you first signed in, but you may be doing this for a friend, so go to the New Profile Screen, and enter the name, gender and date of birth, and hit submit. Star Mate will think for a minute, then bring up your profile. Feel free to scroll through that and learn all about yourself!

Step 2.  Find Best Match

Once you have created your profile, exit out of that screen and back to the main menu, then click on Find Best Match. On that screen, select your name (or your friend’s name) from the drop down list, and also the Age Range and gender you are looking for.  For our example, we are going to use 25 – 40. Hit Submit and you will see a screen that shows theoretical matches.

When you run Find Best Match, it brings up a list of potential compatibilities.

When you run Find Best Match, it brings up a list of potential compatibilities.

So what do we mean by theoretical matches? Well, what Star Mate is doing behind the scenes is comparing your birthday to every single birthday in the age range you specified.

Then it pulls out all the matches it finds over 80%, then aggregates them by Star Sign and Year. The reason we do that, is because without signing up for a dating service, you are not going to be able to tell the full birth date of someone. However, some of the searches on some of the sites will let you check for Star sign and Year. This gives you a pretty good indicator of how you will get on in a lot of areas.

Of course, to do a full compatibility, you will actually need to get their full birthday, but this is a great starting point, and can certainly help you narrow down the list of potential suitors.

The final piece of this is to go find actual people. In the software, we have included links, based on your results, that link directly to a popular dating site (not related to Frokkle, Star Mate or it’s subsidiaries) , so that you can pull up a list of real people. That match that compatibility profile!

All you have to do, is click on one of the links included in each profile section, and you will instantly be connected to a screen showing all your potential suitors for that Star Sign and Year! Don’t worry, you won’t be signed in and can look anonymously if you’re just curious (unless you already have signed in to the site itself if you are a registered user).

Easy, huh? 🙂

So, 99 cents and in minutes you can be looking at your potential life mate. How do you like them stars, Star Mates?

Happy Hunting!

Star Master






Compatibility Report for Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together since 1983, make their relationship one of the more longer lasting show biz romances. What is the secret to their happiness?

We used Star Mate take a look at their compatibility, and here is what it told us.

Overall Friendship : 8/10
Communication : 8/10
Love & Relationship : 8/10
Overall Compatibility : 77%

Goldie has the Sun in Scorpio, whereas Kurt has the Sun in Pisces. There is a lot of harmony of goals, beliefs and ideals between these two. This arrangement can lay the ground work for long term growth and enjoyment of the relationship (friendship or otherwise).

Goldie has the Moon in Gemini, whereas Kurt has the Moon in Cancer. Despite having somewhat different emotional needs, Goldie and Kurt can find common ground if they are willing to honor and respond to each other’s emotional needs

From Kurt’s point of view, Goldie understands Kurt’s emotional needs well, and is supportive. For Goldie’s part, Kurt’s emotions are honest, understandable, and Goldie is happy to be able to comfort Kurt when needed, and make her laugh often.

What Goldie needs emotionally, may be hard for Kurt to provide long term. Even if Kurt understands Goldie’s emotional make-up, expending so much energy on supporting it could drain Kurt over time and add stress to the relationship.

Goldie Hawn Image Source: Wikipedia

Goldie Hawn
Image Source: Wikipedia


Kurt Russell
Image Source: Wikipedia

Goldie has Mercury in Sagittarius, whereas Kurt has Mercury in Aries. Goldie and Kurt have very similar thought processes, and are very easily able to understand and communicate ideas and thoughts between each other. Communication is key to any lasting relationship, and it is very strong between these two.

Goldie has Mars in Leo, whereas Kurt has Mars in Aries. Goldie and Kurt express themselves in very similar ways.

When they are in a cooperative frame of mind this works well. When they are feeling stubborn, not so much. Most of the time, they are not confused by each other’s behaviors, and are likely to respect each other even when they disagree. Goldie has Venus in Scorpio, whereas Kurt has Venus Aries. Goldie and Kurt have fairly similar ideas about what they want out of life, and what kind of people they seek to attract. This adds a level of compassion that can be useful in holding the relationship together.. The way they express themselves is similar enough to allow them to enjoy these shared attractions and experiences together.

Kurt can be quite enamored with how Goldie enters the world. Kurt has a lot of respect for Goldie’s means of expression, and may even be a little envious from time to time! Sexually, there is a lot of mutual enjoyment to be had. Goldie and Kurt may find this is their favorite way of connecting with each other!

Kurt’s means of expression is sometimes enjoyable and sometimes frustrating for Goldie. On balance however, there is enough similarity for this to provide just the right amount of challenge for the relationship to grow.The way Kurt communicates sexually can keep Goldie engaged and happy in the bedroom.

Want to know if your relationship has what it takes for the long haul? Download Star Mate today and find out!


Under The Hood: Correlations

In explaining how Star Mate figures stuff out, one of the things I’ve mentioned is pattern matching – looking through a bunch of data and finding commonalities that may be surprising or, hopefully predictive.

First, let’s make sure we all understand this: Correlation does not equal Causation!
For example, Germans, French, Italians and Greeks eat more fatty foods, drink more alcohol and smoke more cigarettes than the British or Americans. Yet, they have significantly lower rate of heart disease in these countries. If you drop a map of languages on top of this data, you will see that heart disease is more prevalent in countries where English is the first language. That’s correlation. It doesn’t (despite some humorous memes to the contrary), mean that speaking English causes heart disease. And if it did, I would think it’s probably those who hear it spoken that would get the heart disease rather than the other way around. But it isn’t. So just to stress again, Correlation does not equal Causation!

Dionysus. Drank a lot. Didn't get heart disease, instead became immortal. Didn't speak English. Coincidence?

Dionysus. Drank a lot. Didn’t get heart disease, instead became immortal, didn’t speak English. Coincidence?


That being said, it can be very interesting. Since it is election season (when isn’t it?) in the U.S., the Star Mate team has been looking at possible insights into how this particular presidential race is going to pan out. Now, we’re not ready to make any predictions yet, but one particularly interesting factoid has emerged, relating to the planet Mercury.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and thought processes, astrologically speaking. It describes how we relate to the world, how we speak to it, and what we think about it. Whichever sign that Mercury is in, will color that process accordingly.

Now, the twelve western zodiac signs are divided into 4 elements, as follows:


We’ll talk about the Modes at some point in the future, but for now, let’s look at the elements. Each sign has an underlying energy based on the element it inhabits. There are many words that can be used to describe each element, but we’ll just use a couple to give you an idea of the overall theme of each one.

Fire – Dreams and Creativity
Water – Emotion, Compassion
Air – Ideas and Intellect
Earth – Structure, and the real world.

Since there are four elements, then random chance would say that any given president has a one in four chance of having Mercury in each of those elements. That isn’t however, what we find. Here is how the last ten presidents have played out:


See it? Every US President, since Kennedy, has had Mercury in either a Fire or Earth sign. To get an idea of what that means, think of it as coming up heads ten times in a row. The chance of that happening, by the way, is about 0.0975%

So, what does this mean? Excellent question, glad you asked. Perhaps nothing! Or perhaps there is something at work here. Remember we show a correlation, not causation. But for those interested, here are the Natal Mercury positions for each of the major candidates in the presidential race:


We’re not ready to make any predictions yet, although we may do as the primaries draw closer, but for now we hope you find this little example of some of the stuff we do behind the scenes interesting!


Star Master

User Community Question of the Day: Cusps!

“What is a cusp? Why does my star mate chart mention cusps?”. This is a question that comes up quite a lot. Another one, which also comes up quite often, especially with the Moon, is “One of my planets is one sign off. Why is that?”

To answer the second question, we need to answer the first. From an astrological point of view, each of the planets move through each of the twelve zodiac signs in a continuous cycle. With the exception of the Sun itself and the Moon, the farther out the planets are from the Sun, the longer they take to complete a cycle. For the purposes of Astrology, the Sun and Moon are considered planets, however they are planets in an Earth-centric Universe. The Sun goes through approximately one sign every 30 days, and the Moon every 2-3 days.

The day of the change is considered the cusp. Sometimes the cusp is longer than a day, depending on how far the planets are out. For our purposes here at Star Mate, we use 1 degree within range of the next or previous planet to be considered “on the cusp”.

Now, if we used Time of birth in our calculations, that would tell us exactly which sign a cusp planet inhabits, and if we were trying to do a Natal Horoscope, we would indeed use that. However Star Mate is about the energies that are expressed, and a waxing or waning cusp sign can often have more power over a person’s emotions and thought processes than the low energy sign that it may have just entered. As a planet moves through a sign, it picks up more of that sign’s energy, before stepping off into the next sign and starting again.

With Jupiter on the Cusp of Sagittarius, Secretary Clinton is pulling energy from Scorpio as well. She already has a strong Scorpio presence in her chart (Sun, Mercury and Venus), so this enhances that somewhat, but also colors it with the passionate Sagittarius energy that Jupiter is pumping out.

With Jupiter on the Cusp of Sagittarius, Secretary Clinton is pulling energy from Scorpio as well. She already has a strong Scorpio presence in her chart (Sun, Mercury and Venus), so this enhances that somewhat, but also colors it with the passionate Sagittarius energy that Jupiter is pumping out.

Star Mate does a series of calculations to determine which sign it will display, but to let you know, it also adds a little message about the cusps – hence this article!

Stay Starry,

Star Master

The astrology and other stuff behind Star Mate


So one of the question I get asked regularly is “How does Star Mate work?”, to which I usually reply “It works great!”

Since I’m not feeling like being a smartass this morning, I thought I would give you a bit of a look under the hood, so you can understand what it can and cannot do.

There are three components that Star Mate uses to come up with it’s information:


  1.  Western Astrology
  2.  Chinese Astrology
  3.  Field Research and Pattern Matching

Western Astrology

For anyone living West of the Great Wall of China, this is probably the system you are most familiar with. Most people know their ‘Sign’ – Aries, Taurus etc.  But what a lot of people don’t know is that their sign represents just the astrological position the Sun was in, in the sky when they were born. In addition to the Sun, the other planets have some influence on a person’s nature also.  In Star Mate, we focus on the following planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The outer planets tend to have more of a slight generational effect, and we are interest in the individual within a given generation.

We concentrate on how the planets interact with one another (aspects), and the zodiac signs they appear within on the day of a person’s birth. We don’t use the time and place, because although this does provide more information, it is very nuanced, and tends to identify  which areas of a persons life their natal planets operate on, rather than their overall make up.  Also, many people are not sure what time they were born so the information can be misleading, however if demand is strong enough, we may include it in future releases,

Chinese Astrology

We find that the addition of Chinese Astrology (which provides a sign for each year in a 12 year cycle) helps flesh out information about the overall nature of a person and their compatibility a little bit more,  In this first release, we have kept the information pretty basic, but again, depending on the feedback we get, we may expand that in future versions.

Field Research and Pattern Matching

So for the last five years, we have had several people playing with a prototype version of Star Mate in the field. Or more precisely, in the bars and nightclubs. When our researchers came out of rehab, they gave us some interesting aggregate information that doesn’t necessarily fit into the standard models of Astrology, but nevertheless is useful because it shows some strong correlations, which we weren’t expecting to find. For example:

a) A surprisingly high number of therapists have Venus in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), and Mars in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). We think this may be because a fiery Venus is always seeking something new (e.g. new patients to talk to) and a watery Mars tends to want to nurture and help people (e.g. provide counselling and encouragement).

b) Men with Mars and Jupiter in the same Earth sign, tend to be … err.. somewhat better endowed than the average bear. Or indeed, the average Elephant if you catch my drift.

c) Girls with Venus in a male sign, particularly fire signs, and very particularly Leo, tend to be somewhat top heavy, mammarically speaking. (Mammarically is a word I just invented).

d) Men with Mars in Pisces, tend to waffle a bit when they are concerned they may offend their listeners sensitivities, such as I am experience now … :>

There is a lot more that goes into it, but the above should give you a general idea.  Hope this helps!

Star Master


Stock footage of happy couple who may or may not have gotten together via star mate. Who really knows?



Manage Your Star Mate Account

Here you can change your password, opt in or opt out of our (very infrequent) mailings, and by popular demand, you can now delete profiles you have created!

To Change your password and opt into or out of our mailing list.

On the screen below, enter your email address and current star mate password, then enter your new password twice. Check or uncheck the mailing list box depending on whether you would like to get mail from us or not.

To delete user profiles, and opt into or out of our mailing list

Enter your email address and star mate password, and check or uncheck the mailing list box. Assuming you got your credentials right, you will be shown a list of all the profiles you have created. You can delete them by click delete. When you have finished, go back to Star Mate, log out and back in. Remember, if you don’t log out and back in, they will still show in your star mate drop downs!

User Community Question of the Day!

Since this is the first day we are starting this section, I am going to answer three questions in the same post. Here goes!

Q) To perform a compatibility match, the other person has to have the app too? Or can I just input their birthday details?
A) You can enter it yourself, no need for the other person to have the app, although we hope you will encourage them to do so!

Q) I just set up my Star Mate account. When I go to view Compatibility, it only has me to compare to?
A) Great question! Before you can do a compatibility, you need to add a profile of someone you would like to compare to, by clicking on the Add new profile button, shown below:

New profiles are where you add people to compare against in the Compatibility Analysis.

New profiles are where you add people to compare against in the Compatibility Analysis.

Q) How can I delete profiles I have set up?

    i) Click on Manage My Account in the drop down, then log in with your email address and the password you set up originally for Star Mate.
    ii) It will show you a list of all the entries you have made. Delete the entries from there, then go back into Star Mate.
    iii) You will need to log out and back in to clear the old entries.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions you would like answered here, just email them to Our Support Desk!