Manage Your Star Mate Account

Here you can change your password, opt in or opt out of our (very infrequent) mailings, and by popular demand, you can now delete profiles you have created!

To Change your password and opt into or out of our mailing list.

On the screen below, enter your email address and current star mate password, then enter your new password twice. Check or uncheck the mailing list box depending on whether you would like to get mail from us or not.

To delete user profiles, and opt into or out of our mailing list

Enter your email address and star mate password, and check or uncheck the mailing list box. Assuming you got your credentials right, you will be shown a list of all the profiles you have created. You can delete them by click delete. When you have finished, go back to Star Mate, log out and back in. Remember, if you don’t log out and back in, they will still show in your star mate drop downs!

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