The astrology and other stuff behind Star Mate


So one of the question I get asked regularly is “How does Star Mate work?”, to which I usually reply “It works great!”

Since I’m not feeling like being a smartass this morning, I thought I would give you a bit of a look under the hood, so you can understand what it can and cannot do.

There are three components that Star Mate uses to come up with it’s information:


  1.  Western Astrology
  2.  Chinese Astrology
  3.  Field Research and Pattern Matching

Western Astrology

For anyone living West of the Great Wall of China, this is probably the system you are most familiar with. Most people know their ‘Sign’ – Aries, Taurus etc.  But what a lot of people don’t know is that their sign represents just the astrological position the Sun was in, in the sky when they were born. In addition to the Sun, the other planets have some influence on a person’s nature also.  In Star Mate, we focus on the following planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The outer planets tend to have more of a slight generational effect, and we are interest in the individual within a given generation.

We concentrate on how the planets interact with one another (aspects), and the zodiac signs they appear within on the day of a person’s birth. We don’t use the time and place, because although this does provide more information, it is very nuanced, and tends to identify  which areas of a persons life their natal planets operate on, rather than their overall make up.  Also, many people are not sure what time they were born so the information can be misleading, however if demand is strong enough, we may include it in future releases,

Chinese Astrology

We find that the addition of Chinese Astrology (which provides a sign for each year in a 12 year cycle) helps flesh out information about the overall nature of a person and their compatibility a little bit more,  In this first release, we have kept the information pretty basic, but again, depending on the feedback we get, we may expand that in future versions.

Field Research and Pattern Matching

So for the last five years, we have had several people playing with a prototype version of Star Mate in the field. Or more precisely, in the bars and nightclubs. When our researchers came out of rehab, they gave us some interesting aggregate information that doesn’t necessarily fit into the standard models of Astrology, but nevertheless is useful because it shows some strong correlations, which we weren’t expecting to find. For example:

a) A surprisingly high number of therapists have Venus in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), and Mars in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). We think this may be because a fiery Venus is always seeking something new (e.g. new patients to talk to) and a watery Mars tends to want to nurture and help people (e.g. provide counselling and encouragement).

b) Men with Mars and Jupiter in the same Earth sign, tend to be … err.. somewhat better endowed than the average bear. Or indeed, the average Elephant if you catch my drift.

c) Girls with Venus in a male sign, particularly fire signs, and very particularly Leo, tend to be somewhat top heavy, mammarically speaking. (Mammarically is a word I just invented).

d) Men with Mars in Pisces, tend to waffle a bit when they are concerned they may offend their listeners sensitivities, such as I am experience now … :>

There is a lot more that goes into it, but the above should give you a general idea.  Hope this helps!

Star Master


Stock footage of happy couple who may or may not have gotten together via star mate. Who really knows?



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