Star Power – The astrological markers of a great stage performer

Star Mate labs has been at it again. We asked the office team to come up with 10 performers known for their flamboyant stage and performance appearance, to see if we could find any commonalities between them – and we did!

Here is the list we came up with.

Pink (born 9/8/1979)

David Bowie (born 1/8/1947)

Cher (born 5/20/1946)

Michael Jackson (born 8/29/1958)

Liberace (born 5/16/1919)

Miley Cyrus (born 11/23/1992)

Lady Gaga (born 3/28/1986)

Elton John (born 3/25/1947)

Nikki Minaj (born 12/8/1982)

Madonna (born 8/16/1958)

Pink is a Virgo, with most of her planets in Fire and Earth signs, except for Mars, which is in Cancer. No Air signs. And this was the first marker we found:

There is a tendency to have very few air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), in these performers astrological make-up.

Specifically, 67% less Air aspects than you would expect in a random list. Now, from an astrological point of view, the reasoning behind this may be that Air is the realm of thought and intellect, and great performances come from passion and feeling. That may be over romanticized, but nevertheless, the correlation is interesting.

As mentioned, Pink is a Virgo, and the next four people on the list are also Earth signs.

David Bowie – Capricorn

Cher – Taurus

Michael Jackson – Virgo

Liberace – Taurus

The remaining 5 are all Fire signs – Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, as follows:

Miley Cyrus – Sagittarius

Lady Gaga – Aries

Elton John – Aries

Nikki Minaj – Sagittarius

Madonna – Leo

This then, brings us to the second marker:

Great performers tend to have their Sun Sign in a Fire or Earth sign.

This is interesting, because the Sun is about what is inside of us, our hopes and dreams. When we looked at the Presidents of the United States, we found a similar correlation with Fire and Earth, except this was for Mercury – our thought process and how we communicate our ideas. Apparently success in the political forum is less about what is on the inside, and more about how we communicate – truthfully or otherwise…

On the subject of Mercury however, we did find that with these performers, there is a preponderance of Earth and Water (40% each) followed by Fire at 20% – again, no Air Signs. The only place where Air seemed to figure at all, was in Jupiter, where 40% of the performers had Air, 50% had Water, and Pink was the only one with a Fire sign – Leo. Since exception proves the rule, we’ll add this marker also:

Great Performers tend to have Jupiter in a Water (Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces) or Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) sign.

Now music tastes change over time, and we found something interesting there too. Our oldest performer in the list was Liberace, who was born in 1919. When we sort chronologically, we found Saturn was almost always in a Fire Sign. The only exception being Cher, who showed Saturn in Cancer, suggesting a tortured home life. When Cher was born, Saturn was making its way through Cancer and was approaching Leo, a Fire Sign. Everyone else, from Liberace to Michael Jackson, has Saturn in a Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). From Pink forward, Saturn was evenly split among the elements, which some cynics might suggest speaks to a more engineered music experience, rather than singers rising to the top of the pile on talent alone. That being said, you still have to have something special to make it, even in the pablum prolific world of corporate musical entertainment. So our fourth marker is this:

Older performers (pre Pink) tend to have Saturn in a Fire sign

Now none of this should be seen as limiting your own potential – and I’m sure many people will have different opinions about the use of the words ‘great’ or even ‘performer’ with the people listed here. But they do (or did) put on a complex, extravagant show, regardless of how you feel about their music, or off stage behavior. It’s those factors that we were really looking to dig into this time, and we hope you found it interesting. Just remember, your mileage may vary!

Star Master


Winning with your Daily Forecast

We’ve discovered that a lot of people aren’t aware of one of the simple, yet fun features of Star Mate that is not just about finding love and new relationships, and that is the Daily Forecast.

Several of our testers have had fun with this function at the Casinos, because for any given day until 2030, Star Mate can tell you in a summarized form, how that day is likely to be for you.

It’s very simple to use, as follows:

  1. From the Main menu, select Daily Forecast
  2. Select a person you want to do the forecast for (usually yourself), and the date you want to do the forecast for, then hit submit.
  3. A Screen like the one below will appear.


The dials that come up show a score – out of ten – of what the surrounding conditions are like for the subject on the given day.

Luck – This is the one our testers had fun with the most, A score of 7 or over means that the dice are more likely to fall in your favor – for a while at least! It still takes discipline to know when to leave the table/casino/truck stop lounge. Anything below 5? Well, I would probably avoid gambling on days like that.

Career – Anything 7 or higher indicates a good time to ask for a job interview, raise, time off, larger office, new tools etc. Anything 4 or below, keep a low profile and do as your told at work!

Romance – Assuming your partner has a similar score for this day, then this would be the perfect time for a dinner for two, or a romantic getaway!

Overall – This tells you just in summary how your day is likely to go on a scale of one to ten, when 1 is a complete and utter disaster and 10 is an amazingly memorable, successful day!

Lucky Numbers: ¬†Okay full disclosure here, we are still tweaking these based on feedback. Some people have had success, others not so much. We’re still fine tuning the individual data so I would assign the same value to these numbers as you would to the numbers in a fortune cookie, for now ūüôā

Need to know more?

Any questions about this function? Please contact us at

And we will do our best to answer your questions! Most importantly, have fun, and good luck!

Star Master


Top 5 Astrological Traits of Serial Killers

Our Marketing Director was in a Halloween-Scary mood the other day, so posted a link to Purple Clover who had done an article on the ten worst serial killers, and how their astrology affected their life choices.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr., also known as the Killer Clown, was an American serial killer and rapist who sexually assaulted and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. Pisces with Mars in Gemini, and Saturn in Taurus.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr., also known as the Killer Clown, was an American serial killer and rapist who sexually assaulted and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. Pisces with Mars in Gemini, and Saturn in Taurus.

One of the things they pointed out was that Mutable signs have a high level of occurrence in these individuals, so we decided to dig a little deeper, put Star Mate to work, and see what else we could find out. After running their dates of birth through our profiling system, this is what we came up with.

Albert Henry DeSalvo was a criminal in Boston, Massachusetts, who confessed to being the "Boston Strangler", the murderer of thirteen women in the Boston area. Sun in Virgo, Mars in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn.

Albert Henry DeSalvo was a criminal in Boston, Massachusetts, who confessed to being the “Boston Strangler”, the murderer of thirteen women in the Boston area. Sun in Virgo, Mars in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn.

  1. Mutable signs prominent. All of the top ten serial killers either had their Sun or Mercury or both in a Mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Purple Clover noted this also, and it is interesting to note that the likelihood of this is very low. In a random universe, there should be a fairly even split between Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed signs. We will do an article on these in the future to provide you with more information about the difference between these three modes, so stay tuned. For now, suffice it to say that it is a quite unusual data blip.
  2. Mars in Air signs prominent. Half of the little darlings had Mars in an Air Sign (Gemini, Aquarius or Libra). Mars is the planet of expression, and tells how you ‘present’ yourself in the world. During our research we had noted that Mars in an Air sign, particularly Gemini, can lead to a surprising amount of hot headed-ness – even more so than the Fire signs, and this may be partially explained by Mars being more comfortable (and therefore stable) in Fire signs, whereas in Air, you are effectively throwing gasoline on a flame.
  3. Saturn in Earth Sign prominent.¬† Half of the killers had Saturn in an Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), although not necessarily the same half that had Mars in an Air Sign. Saturn is the Taskmaster, and asks “What have you done for me lately?” . It makes us be more critical about ourselves, and when it is in an Earth sign, it will be focused on the Earthly plane, and how we are fitting in with it. Some consider it the planet of Karma. Saturn is often related to our relationship with our father, and so a dodgy home life growing up may have helped nurture some of the more violent tendencies these individuals expressed.
  4. Sun in Pisces. Half (and again, not necessarily the same half) have the Sun in Pisces. There is a slight irony here, because the dramatic Pisces is often seen as seeking a Utopia for all mankind. I guess in those Pisceans where the fish swims downstream instead of up, this could translate into kulling what they perceive as the less desirable members of the human race.
  5. Moon in Cardinal Sign.  6/10 had their Moon on one of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).  The Moon is the planet of emotion, and Cardinal signs tend to initiate action, and quickly. This suggest that far from being cold blooded, at least 60% of these murderers were acting from an emotional state when they killed their victims.

It should be noted, so we don’t get sued to smithereens, that this is a very small sample, and there are undoubtedly other factors in play, such as childhood, insanity and basically just being a rotten human being.¬†It is interesting, nevertheless, and another way that Star Mate can help you find someone who can be a great life choice, or perhaps someone you should avoid until after they’ve had their coffee…

Happy Star Mating!

Star Master