Compatibility Report for Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together since 1983, make their relationship one of the more longer lasting show biz romances. What is the secret to their happiness?

We used Star Mate take a look at their compatibility, and here is what it told us.

Overall Friendship : 8/10
Communication : 8/10
Love & Relationship : 8/10
Overall Compatibility : 77%

Goldie has the Sun in Scorpio, whereas Kurt has the Sun in Pisces. There is a lot of harmony of goals, beliefs and ideals between these two. This arrangement can lay the ground work for long term growth and enjoyment of the relationship (friendship or otherwise).

Goldie has the Moon in Gemini, whereas Kurt has the Moon in Cancer. Despite having somewhat different emotional needs, Goldie and Kurt can find common ground if they are willing to honor and respond to each other’s emotional needs

From Kurt’s point of view, Goldie understands Kurt’s emotional needs well, and is supportive. For Goldie’s part, Kurt’s emotions are honest, understandable, and Goldie is happy to be able to comfort Kurt when needed, and make her laugh often.

What Goldie needs emotionally, may be hard for Kurt to provide long term. Even if Kurt understands Goldie’s emotional make-up, expending so much energy on supporting it could drain Kurt over time and add stress to the relationship.

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Goldie Hawn
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Kurt Russell
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Goldie has Mercury in Sagittarius, whereas Kurt has Mercury in Aries. Goldie and Kurt have very similar thought processes, and are very easily able to understand and communicate ideas and thoughts between each other. Communication is key to any lasting relationship, and it is very strong between these two.

Goldie has Mars in Leo, whereas Kurt has Mars in Aries. Goldie and Kurt express themselves in very similar ways.

When they are in a cooperative frame of mind this works well. When they are feeling stubborn, not so much. Most of the time, they are not confused by each other’s behaviors, and are likely to respect each other even when they disagree. Goldie has Venus in Scorpio, whereas Kurt has Venus Aries. Goldie and Kurt have fairly similar ideas about what they want out of life, and what kind of people they seek to attract. This adds a level of compassion that can be useful in holding the relationship together.. The way they express themselves is similar enough to allow them to enjoy these shared attractions and experiences together.

Kurt can be quite enamored with how Goldie enters the world. Kurt has a lot of respect for Goldie’s means of expression, and may even be a little envious from time to time! Sexually, there is a lot of mutual enjoyment to be had. Goldie and Kurt may find this is their favorite way of connecting with each other!

Kurt’s means of expression is sometimes enjoyable and sometimes frustrating for Goldie. On balance however, there is enough similarity for this to provide just the right amount of challenge for the relationship to grow.The way Kurt communicates sexually can keep Goldie engaged and happy in the bedroom.

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