Winning with your Daily Forecast

We’ve discovered that a lot of people aren’t aware of one of the simple, yet fun features of Star Mate that is not just about finding love and new relationships, and that is the Daily Forecast.

Several of our testers have had fun with this function at the Casinos, because for any given day until 2030, Star Mate can tell you in a summarized form, how that day is likely to be for you.

It’s very simple to use, as follows:

  1. From the Main menu, select Daily Forecast
  2. Select a person you want to do the forecast for (usually yourself), and the date you want to do the forecast for, then hit submit.
  3. A Screen like the one below will appear.


The dials that come up show a score – out of ten – of what the surrounding conditions are like for the subject on the given day.

Luck – This is the one our testers had fun with the most, A score of 7 or over means that the dice are more likely to fall in your favor – for a while at least! It still takes discipline to know when to leave the table/casino/truck stop lounge. Anything below 5? Well, I would probably avoid gambling on days like that.

Career – Anything 7 or higher indicates a good time to ask for a job interview, raise, time off, larger office, new tools etc. Anything 4 or below, keep a low profile and do as your told at work!

Romance – Assuming your partner has a similar score for this day, then this would be the perfect time for a dinner for two, or a romantic getaway!

Overall – This tells you just in summary how your day is likely to go on a scale of one to ten, when 1 is a complete and utter disaster and 10 is an amazingly memorable, successful day!

Lucky Numbers:  Okay full disclosure here, we are still tweaking these based on feedback. Some people have had success, others not so much. We’re still fine tuning the individual data so I would assign the same value to these numbers as you would to the numbers in a fortune cookie, for now 🙂

Need to know more?

Any questions about this function? Please contact us at

And we will do our best to answer your questions! Most importantly, have fun, and good luck!

Star Master